The Top 5 Valentine Gift for Interior Design Lovers

Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year that is completely designated towards showing the ones you care for just how much you love them. Friends, family members, and lovers alike utilize February 14th as a time to share their deepest affections with people they are close to. Deciding on Valentine’s Day gifts, especially for the individuals who are interior design connoisseurs, can be quite the challenge! Thankfully, here at Kourosh Architectural Décor and Interior Design, we have created a list of our top 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will absolutely stun any individual who has a deeply rooted adoration for all things interior design. 

  • Customary Artwork for Your Favorite Pet Lover 

Some people are known to love their pet more than an anything or anyone in the entire world. If someone close to you thinks of their pet as if it is their actual child, then this may be the gift for them! A unique and completely customized portrait painting or drawing of a beloved pet will almost always please any animal lover this Valentine’s Day! Although it might be hard to locate an exact picture of the animal, asking around and inquiring through local artists is the way to go when trying to surprise your favourite pet lover with their new favourite painting. 

  • Custom Made Furniture for The Book Lover in Your Life 

We all have the special person in our life who, more than anything, loves to curl up in their favourite chair and read through a book that they have been dying to finish. Help them revamp their desired book reading space by purchasing a custom-made piece of furniture that they’ll never want to get up from! At Kourosh Architectural Décor and Interior Design, our perfectly crafted furniture pieces are to die for and will please anyone who is gifted with it. This Valentine’s Day, trust in our architects to design an entirely exclusive and exceptional piece of furniture that will your beloved book lover away! Check out our portfolio to see what we can make.

  • Customized Decorative Pieces for Plant Lovers 

Do you have a Valentine who absolutely loves plants? Well, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them! Kourosh Architectural Décor and Interior Design specializes in designing and creating decorative items, such as plant holders, that will knock the socks off of any plant lover. By incorporating our incredibly unique plant holders into your household, your plants will come to life in a way that previously might have been unimaginable. Household plants create a serene and healthy living environment for any person who decides to add them to their living space. The more plant holders you gift, the more oxygen-creating plants your Valentine will be able to add to their personal plant and home décor collection! 

  • Exciting and Enjoyable Throw Pillows

The best, and most simple, Valentine’s Day gift idea is a set of funky and trendy decorate pillows! If you have a Valentine who has recently moved into a new house or apartment, then they will definitely be in need of some new and exciting throw pillows. The right kind of throw pillow will have the impeccable ability to bring a bedroom or living room all together, creating a perfectly unified living space that everyone will love and enjoy! In order to correctly pull off this Valentine’s Day gift, take a look at what the individual already has or what kind of style they are trying to achieve within their residential area. By looking at what they already have you can purchase throw pillows that will perfectly compliment their taste or mix things up and completely change the interior design tone of the area!

  • Distinctive and Unique Light Fixtures

Your Valentine may be in need of a new and exciting light fixture that will brighten up any room within their apartment or house. The interior designers at Kourosh Architectural Décor and Interior Design are able to completely re-vamp any residential space with our unique and freshly hand-crafted light fixtures. If your Valentine’s living space is in need of some serious sprucing up, trust us to get the job done. If you’re always last minute, you can always find funky light fixture or unique bedside lamp that will add the perfect their residential living area and home décor online.

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