Minimalism: The new, simplistic way to decorate your home 

Minimalism has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years as both a way to decorate your household and a way to even live your life! Minimalist architecture all stems from achieving a well-thought-out design through completely simplicity. This can mean anything from designs that are simplistic in form, the type of space you are working with, the material you are utilizing, and even the color that you are willing to use to bring everything together. When you look around your house, does everything that is there, actually need to be there? Or do you have random objects hanging around on your tabletops and pictures you don’t even really like hanging on your walls? 

The essence of minimalism is basically having a space that is clutter-free and organized, where everything has a designated space in which it resides. On social media, minimalism is currently being portrayed as particular way to decorate your household with as little objects and accenting décor as possible. However, in real life, minimalism is a lifestyle that tries to push our true nature of wanting to own every single luxury item as possible and focuses on how individuals should try to restrain this nature and live as simple as possible. This same mindset can be used when decorating your home to house the least amount of simple décor as possible. Far from uninteresting and dreary, the style of minimalism is incredibly daring and practical when executed in the right way and manner. Here are the best ways to accurately experiment with minimalism and correctly portray it through your décor. 

You must utilize a controlled colour range 

When you are trying to achieve a minimalist appearance within your household, you must stick to using neutral and light colors such as an off-white or pastels. By sticking to one or two of the same neutral and basic colors, you will be able create and organize and put together feel for your household. This will give you a good starting point to add certain pieces of furniture or paintings that will later on add your home’s sense of minimalism. 

Allow for clean, open, and light- filled spaces to take up areas within your space

When it comes to using minimalist elements to decorate your household, you must incorporate some wide-open spaces that are filled with natural light from the sun. By having a free and open space, you will be able to allow the certain objects you decide to put in the space to correctly interest with other objects and the natural light coming in. Having a certain visual balance between the open and uncluttered room and one or two explicitly specified pieces of furniture, will completely allow the entire space to feel connected. 

Declutter and keep the bare minimum visible on your shelves and counters

Trying to achieve a minimalistic household style and appearance means that you need to say goodbye to the clutter and multiple items that you usually have strewn across your countertops. By sticking to only displaying essential items on your shelves and countertops, you will be able to give off a well-organized vibe that will de-stress any individual that walks through your front door. If you have more items within your house that you undeniably need but don’t want to display, store them in your cabinets and only take them out for use when absolutely necessary!

Utilize accent decorations that will make your space pop 

Some may think that when they are trying to design and achieve a minimalistic home that they need to steer clear away from any bright colors or decorative items. However, this truly isn’t the case at all! Adding a particular decorative piece, such as a sculpture or even a plant holder designed by world renowned architect and designer Kourosh, can completely bring cohesiveness and balance to a room. By using a bold and specifically designed decorative piece within your home, the space will be correctly accented and not overwhelmed by cluttered furniture or decorative pieces. 

Minimalism is an incredibly beautiful style that needs to be properly planned and executed correctly, in order to truly make the simple statement you have been yearning to make within your household.

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