Eye-catching and bold, Kourosh’s art is not for the timid. From the humblest of materials, he brings forth beautiful, functional works of art that offer an insight into his creative mind.

Our pieces are meticulously carved to mimic elegant wood, marble, and precious stones and metals. All of his creations are easily installed on walls or ceilings. Everything you see is custom-designed and handmade and therefore, they are one-of- a- kind and cannot be exactly replicated.

While Kourosh offers every type of work listed below, he adores doing custom, collaborative work for his clients. If you’re looking for something that you don’t see written here, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s light a fire in the imagination with a spark of inspiration.

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Sculptures and beyond. Let your imagination run wild. Plant holders, candle holders, gifts for yourself or others. Kourosh’s decorations are one of a kind pieces that enhance any space they’re in.

Decorate your space with a customized wall art specifically designed for your space.

Stone Painting

The ancients built their temples, and their castles from stone for good reason. Stone is everlasting. It will be here long after our bodies have turned to dust. Kourosh honors the timeless nature of stoneworks with incredible paintings that enhance it by complimenting it.

Mixing old with the new. elevate your modern space with antique style stone painting.

Decorative Pieces

Sculptures and beyond. Let your imagination run wild. Plant holders, candle holders, gifts for yourself or others. Kourosh’s decorations are one of a kind pieces that enhance any space they’re in.

As a gift for a design-lover or an accent piece for your living room. these pieces can be used as planters or wine holders.

Custom Furniture

Kourosh’s motto is “it takes courage to be creative”. Creativity is something that is in all of us. It just takes a little chutzpah to bring it forward from ourselves. Kourosh loves creating custom furniture projects with his clients. Whether you’ve had a concept inside your head for a while, or you’d like us to design something completely unique, we’ll work together to bring an incredible piece of art to fruition.

Women custom design furniture

you pick the size, colour, spaces, and all details of your coffee table and kourosh will bring your imagination to life.

Glass Painting

Glass painting as an art form has been used in ancient Rome, China, the Byzantine Empire, and throughout the middle ages. Kouroush’s ability to mingle modernity, beauty, and antiquity can’t be replicated.

inspired by old architecture styles, these pieces create beautiful lighting in your interior space.

Copper Art

Copper has a chameleon like quality to be functional, ethereal, and majestic. The way copper art draws the attention, and becomes the focal point of a space is unmatched. Kouroush’s copper art has the ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

due to its versatility, copper fits perfectly in any space. the use of copper details and accent pieces is becoming more popular.


Mind-bending, gorgeous works of art from the courageous creativity of the artist. While these sculptures demand attention, they enhance, not detract from the space they occupy. Abstract, and operating in 3 dimensions, these sculptures are only limited by the imagination of the beholder.

Staircase design piece

these stand alone sculptures add a unique feel to your space. bring the luxury of museum vibes to your interior.

Interior Design

Based on the bold nature of Kouroush’s artworks, his interior design work is equally as characteristic. Transform your space into one of marvel and wonder. Both residential interior design and industrial/commercial interior design, Kouroush’s work is the seamless blending of form and function.

interior design is an art. at carved by kourosh our priority is to create a one of a kind spaces instead of following trends. we start the trends.