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Henri Matisse said: “Creativity takes courage.”
At Carved By Kourosh, we love working for—and with—the courageous, creative types.


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Kourosh Asadi is the artist and President of Kourosh Studio and Carved by Kourosh. As a former architect, Kourosh has always had a keen and creative eye for detail. He loves to discover the innate beauty hidden in an object. This spark of inspiration is what drives his desire to create—so that he can share the glory he sees in the everyday.

Kourosh has been using EPS foam as an artistic medium for many years. With it, he creates breathtaking sculptures, wall panels, accent pieces, and statues. His sculptures are hand carved and custom designed to enhance and compliment any lobby, hallway, office, community room, media room, waiting area, bar, restaurant, or wine cellar in any residential or commercial space.

Stirring beauty out of the humblest of materials. That’s what Koruosh aims to create with each piece. Adding form to function, and function to form.

Of his amazing work, the most notable may be the partial walls and dividers created by Kourosh Studios. These pieces are carved and crafted to elegantly mimic wood, marble, stone, and precious metals. All of his creations can be easily installed or retrofitted in any space.

 Check out his portfolio to get a glimpse of Kourosh’s work!

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Creativity takes courage. At Carved By Kourosh, we love working for—and with—the courageous, creative types.

We offer stunning, thought-provoking works of creativity in many of its functional forms. Interior design, glass painting, stone painting, copper art, custom furniture, and decorative pieces. All handcrafted, and conceived of the courage of creativity.

Staircase design piece
Women custom design furniture
Standing Sculpture Hand carved

I'm Specialized In Interior Design & Furniture Projects.

What does it mean to be obsolete? To Kourosh, it means an opportunity to return an object to a form and function that is superior to its original intention.

Kourosh is a master of ESP foam as an artistic medium. ESP foam is typically used and discarded in the form of coffee cups, and in boxes protecting our merchandise. It’s lightweight, shock-absorbent, heat resistant, and recyclable. ESP foam has an infinite number of real-world applications from medicine, to film.

While ESP foam serves its function, it’s neither beautiful nor permanent. Sculptures, while beautiful and permanent, but not functional. What Kouroush does is beautifully combine the art with the function.