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These Small Closet Organization Ideas And Tips Will Get You One Step Closer To Your Dream Minimalist Bedroom

You deserve your dream minimalist bedroom.  Period.  To help you realize your ideal minimalist bedroom, you are going to have to start by organizing the closet.  Yes, we know that organizing your bedroom closet is a task that you have been putting off since forever (and we have been there too!) but sometimes it’s just our thoughts surrounding the chore that’s actually worse than the chore itself.  Let me prove it to you with these small closet organization ideas and tips.  

Organize your Closet by starting with the BIG Clothing Purge

You have to do it!  You have to start your journey towards your minimalist bedroom by purging the clothes in your closet.  Don’t worry because although purging your clothes is the most daunting of the tasks, it will feel the most rewarding and it will help you to maintain your momentum to see this through to the end of your journey.  

There are many methods about how to organize your clothes and we just wanted to mention a few of them here for you to get you started:

The K.I.S. (Keep It Simple…) Clothes Pile Method

Duration:  1 – 3 Hours

We recommend this method for organizing your closet quickly.

  1. Make three piles: Donate, Purge, and Keep.
  2. Purge any clothes from your closet that don’t fit, was purchased for a one-time special occasion, or have been worn out beyond repair.  
  3. Donate clothes that are in relatively good condition.  
  4. Keep the clothes that you love.
  5. Bag up the donation and purge piles.

The Big Jumble Method

Duration: 1 – 3 Hours

We recommend this method for organizing your closet if you find you don’t purge enough.

  1. Take out all of your clothes.  
  2. Make them into a big pile onto the floor.  The idea is to disorganize them so that you aren’t sorting as you go.  
  3. Make three piles:  Yes, No, Maybe.
  4. After you are done, go back to your “maybe” pile and ask yourself for each item: “do I feel good in this?”  after trying on every garment.
  5. If the answer is “no”, then the clothing gets purged!
  6. Take out the “no” bag right away before you change your mind.  It will be to your own detriment if you start to pick through and count the clothes in the “no” pile.  That’s when the prom dress you haven’t worn in years will make its way back to your closet.

The Ongoing Closet Purge Method

Duration: 3 Months (ongoing)

We recommend this method as a means to maintain your organized bedroom closet.

  1. Flip all of your hanging clothes so that the hangers are facing backwards.
  2. Each time you wear something from a hanger, flip it so that it is facing the correct side.
  3. After 3 months have passed (ideally a season), review what you wore and what you didn’t wear.
  4. Purge the clothes on the hangers that are facing backwards.  

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Empty, clean, and organize the rest of your bedroom closet

Before you organize your clothes and return them back to whence, they came; I know that you’ve probably been neglecting dusting and washing your closet walls. Just get it done, it’s not a big deal! Because I know that when it comes to organizing the bedroom closet that we rarely see the bare walls or decide to dust in the hard-to-reach places. By giving your bedroom closet a deeper clean, you are also giving yourself a little peace of mind as well.

By the way, when I mentioned that you should be emptying your closet, I really mean that you need to empty your ENTIRE bedroom closet. I know that there’s more than just clothes that makes their way into bedroom closets all over the world!  Place those miscellaneous items into two piles: keep and purge. And since you are already purging your clothes, I have faith that you’ll keep the same energy with anything else that you come across while you organize your bedroom closet with the “two pile” method being applied.

Organize the miscellaneous items in your bedroom closet 

Got a shoe-box handy?  

Honestly speaking when it comes to organizing little documents or accessories that you want to keep, that just happen to be in your bedroom closet; shoe-boxes or any other kind of smallish box will suffice to help you organize those items. The idea here is that you are taking multiple items and storing it in categorized boxes so that they don’t get lost in a dark corner. It also helps you to hide these items so that they are out of sight, reducing visual clutter.

When it comes to organizing your bedroom closet, to achieve a minimalist bedroom feel, you need to keep in mind that you want to create clean “lines” within your closet. This is where these boxes come in handy for the storage of your accessories or other miscellaneous items. A stack of boxes in your closet creates those clean visual lines within your closet, and it ultimately makes your bedroom closet look more uniform and organized.  

With these small closet organization ideas and tips, I hope that you feel armed and ready to journey towards your dream minimalist bedroom! Minimalism doesn’t happen overnight, and we’re happy that we can be a part of your journey towards a more minimalistic home décor style. There are plenty of bedroom closet tips and hacks out there so if you have any that you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment and we would be happy to continue the discussion with you!

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